Maja Weyermann, W 81, F 9, Fig. 51


English, German

Doris Agotai, “Virtual rooms”, pp. 33–36
Sophie Jung, “Garden Cities”, pp. 53–56
Nicolas Siepen, "Pixel Dust”, pp. 49–52
Hans Rudolf Reust, “Modo Geometrico - or Awakening from Modernism into a Dream”, pp. 29–31
Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld/Berlin 2015

Published as a German and English version to accompany the exhibition Giostra at Nosbaum Reding Gallery in Luxembourg, 12 March – 9 May 2015, the catalogue was produced by the artist and includes the majority of the renderings and videos created up to that point.

<em>Maja Weyermann, W 81, F 9, Fig. 51</em>, front cover

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