• Gujrat – Berlin
    Gujrat – Berlin (, 2010, shop front of Afro Asia, Cosmetics & Foods
Gujrat – Berlin
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Gujrat – Berlin

Gujrat – Berlin




4m 40s


digital audio, mono

Voiceover: Mr. W., Mrs. W., customer, Carrie Roseland
Music: Britta-Ann Flechsenhar, Christian Kögel
Editing: Krzysztof Visconti
Concept, script, director: Maja Weyermann

Maja Weyermann Archive, Berlin

The soundscape is part of the real-time-nomads project. While the exhibition was running, the soundscapes for all the project partners’ shops were available as a telephone audio guide.

More detailed information can be found on the website created for the project: www.majaweyermann.org/archive/real-time-nomads.com.